Doggy Toy Basket


Your dog has some stuff and will need to keep it organized yet on hand. Don’t put your dogs toys and chews high up in place that they can’t reach without your assistance. The whole point is for your dog to be able to entertain themselves – when you are occupied – so they select and chew on or play with an appropriate object. We have curated some beautiful baskets that caught our eye. To ensure that your dog toys are always accessible, the basket should live on the floor and have a low enough profile that your dog can put their head into the basket and fish out the item that has caught their attention. Its also important that the basket does not have any parts that could catch on the dogs collar. If the basket that you select is functional and beautiful, you will enjoy having the storage on display. We have no affiliation to any of these brands, we just like their design sensibility. Enjoy!

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