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Dog potty training. Ball and Bone training tips blog post.

💦 Dog Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips for Dogs 💧

Learning how to potty train your puppy is one of the most important first steps to get the newest member of your family on the right track. However, training takes time and dedication. You need to be consistent and patient when training your dog or puppy. 

This easy guide will help you to train your pup 🐶

1. Maintain a routine ⌛️

Puppies need regular schedules. A routine helps them stay healthy and happy. They learn that there are certain times to eat, play and use the bathroom, but when to go is different for each puppy. Puppies need to be taken out every few hours to help relieve themselves. A puppy can wait up to 2 hours before going again. Older dogs need to be taken out at least once an hour. Puppies love to learn new things, and they need to know when to expect certain events. 

Pick a toilet area outside and take your puppy there on a leash every time. Use a specific word or phrase when your dog is urinating to remind them of what they need to do. After they've gone potty, take them for a longer stroll or some fun.

Set a regular feeding routine for your puppy. Puppies may need to be fed two or three times a day, depending on their age. If you feed your puppy at the same times every day, they'll be more likely to eliminate at the same times, making training process easy for both of you.

Every time your puppy eliminates outside, give them a treat. Praise or reward them, but do so right after they've completed, not after they've returned inside.

2. Supervision is key 👀

When you can't keep an eye on your puppy at all times, confine them to a small area where they won't want to eliminate.

The area should be large enough to stand, lie down, and turn around in comfortably. You can use a baby gate to close off a section of a bathroom or laundry room. Alternatively, you may crate train your puppy. (Learn how to use a crate in a humane manner as a technique of confinement.) If your puppy has been confined for several hours, you must immediately take them to their toilet area when you return.

Dog training process. Potty training outdoors.
Remember: accidents are part of the process. Here's what you should do if the accident happens:

Try to interrupt your pup and get them to their designated outdoor restroom location. If your dog finishes the job there, praise them and give them a treat. Don't punish your puppy for going potty in the apartment. If you come across a filthy spot, simply clean it up. Rubbing your puppy's nose in it, taking them to the location and scolding them, or any other punishment will simply make them fearful of you and fearful of eliminating in your company.

3. Recognize the body language of your puppy 🐕

Learning your puppy's early "gotta go" cues is a vital but sometimes missed step in the potty training process. It's probably too late to get your puppy outdoors before an accident happens if he's circling and sniffing—a behavior most pet parents recognize as a potty indicator. Before it becomes critical, every puppy will display body language that suggests the need to go, such as attempting to leave the room and acting preoccupied. Detecting those cues will allow you to take your dog outside far before it's time to go.

Key points: 
  • Maintain a daily routine
  •  Supervise your dog and have a plan B for the times, you can't be around
  • Analyse puppy's body language to recognise their needs.
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