Homemade Dog Food Supplements with Vitamin D, Phosphorous & Calcium, 1 lb ~ Vegetarian, Add to Raw and Homemade Dog Food ~ Supports Skin, Coat & Overall Health ~

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Formulated by pet nutritionists with 21 vitamins & minerals to support whole-body health & wellness.

 Tasty, veggie-flavored supplement contains no meat, so it’s ideal for dogs with protein allergies.

 Powder blends easily with whole ingredients. 3 free homemade dog food recipes on back of package. 22 recipes available on the Azestfor.com website.

 Meets AAFCO standards for dog food nutrition, so you know your pooch is getting a balanced diet.

If you’re not thrilled with our canine dietary supplement, return it for a full & courteous refund.

How to Transition to Fresh Food

Day 1-3 mix 75% old dog food with new.
Day 4-6 mix 50% old dog food with new.
Day 7-9 mix 25% old dog food with new.
Day 10 100% new dog food.

A slow introduction schedule will allow your dog to adjust to their new diet without indigestion, diarrhea or constipation.

Every time you introduce a new food to your dog’s diet, do so in a controlled and measured fashion.

Country of Origin by Ingredient:

Country of Origin by Ingredient – Guaranteed Non China
Tricalcium Phosphate – USA
Natural Veggie Flavor – USA
Chia Seeds – Argentina
Potassium Chloride -USA
Kelp Meal – Canada
Calcium Carbonate -USA
Magnesium Sulfate – USA
Sodium Chloride – USA
Choline Chloride – USA
Vitamin E Supplement – USA
Zinc Sulfate – Mexico
Ferrous Sulfate – USA
Copper Sulfate – Mexico
Sodium Selenite – USA
Thiamine Mononitrate -Germany
Manganese Sulfate – Mexico
Niacin Supplement – India
D-Calcium Pantothenate – Germany
Riboflavin – Korea
Vitamin A Supplement – Switzerland
Vitamin D3 Supplement – multiple Non-China
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – Germany
Vitamin B12 Supplement – France
Calcium Iodate – USA
Folic Acid – France

Proprietary formulations created exclusively for Azestfor, Inc.
Azestfor, Inc is based in Los Angeles California, USA.
Manufacturer is based in Illinois, USA.
Co-packer is based in Southern California