Do you pick up and drop off the dogs?
Yes the Ball and Bone mobile will come to your home and collect your dog. Riding in the vehicle is part of the fun.

Where do you take the dogs?
The dogs are taken to Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles 90046 which is a lovely park in the heart of the Hollywood hills. You can even see the Hollywood sign off in the distance.

When the dogs hike with you are the dogs off leash or on leash?
To get to the entrance of the park all the dogs need to walk a couple of blocks on leash from our regular parking spot. Once inside the park the dogs who have good recall meaning they come when called are allowed off leash. The off leash pack members are free to run around and play. The dog’s who have a predisposition to show signs of dominance or don’t come when called are leashed for the duration of the hike.

Do you train dogs?
All the dogs receive basic training. They learn how to walk on leash on my left side. They learn how to sit, how to be patient when getting in and out of the vehicle. How to nicely take a treat. And they learn how to be a dog model. I train the off leash dogs to keep an eye on me as I move along the trail. They get trained through positive reinforcement earning rewards for checking in, or really putting effort in to run when called. Or for holding a pose while I take a photo. A reward can be as simple as some kind words, a scratch on their cheek or a delicious treat.

Do you walk dogs in harnesses?
If the dog is very small (Under 10 lbs) yes, otherwise no. Harnessing a dog allows it to use its whole body to pull, this is why husky’s wear them while pulling sleds. You are “harnessing” the full strength of the dogs’ chest and shoulder muscles, and when they pull, nearly all their strength is there. Very hard to control a dog wearing a harness.

How old does the dog have to be to join the pack?
The dog needs to be four months old and have had all of their shots.

My dog has issues when it meets new dogs can it still join the pack?
Unfortunately no. For the safety of your dog and the current pack members I do not work with dogs that show signs of fear or aggression. While Ball and Bone’s pack members are calm and balanced dogs we are hiking in a dog park that is open to the public. There are usually a hundred dogs on the trail on any given day who your dog will walk past or may even interact with.

Do you do private hikes?
No I only do group hikes.

Do you do afternoon hikes?
No I only hike once a day in the morning.