My dog instantly loved Siobhan. He had been walked by someone else previously and never been that excited but every morning when Siobhan comes, he runs to the door to greet her. My little fella is a rescue and came with a few behavioral issues which quickly improved being part of Siobhan’s pack under her experienced eye. Unfortunately I fell and broke my leg so wasn’t able to care for my dog for several weeks; Siobhan was an absolute god-send coming straight over at a moment’s notice and boarding him with her while I recovered. Can’t say enough good things. Thank you, Siobhan! – Sarah 

I want to keep Siobhan and her dogcare our little secret, but she provides such an AWESOME service that I want to share her with other responsible dog owners who truly want someone who cares for thier canine babies.

Our neighbors send their doggie MR. TOAST to Siobhan a few days a week. We’ve watched her drive and pick him up in the mornings and drop him off at nights. She always has larger dogs in her pack. I think her own dog Vegas is close to 100 pounds. Our neighbors love Siobhan and always spoke highly of her. She takes the dogs up to Runyon Canyon for daily hikes and then back to her place where they hang out and bask in the sun….

One day i decided to work full time and needed doggie care. Truffles, our 8 pound shih tzu princess needed daycare 1-2 days a week. We really liked the idea of sending her with Mr. Toast to Siobhan, but were concerned because Truffles was sooooo much smaller than the rest of the pack.

We decided to try it one day. So glad we did.

Siobhan texted us throughout the day with updates of Truffles and her adventures through Runyon Canyon. It made us feel much much better.

This was Siobhan’s text today:

“Another exciting day with the pack! Now she is bck at my place taking a nap on my sweater. She is fine. She was a little bit nervous when she got in the truck. I have the pack ignore her since she isn’t confident enough to play with them yet. But she is a good girl and is a bit more relaxed than the last visit. I have created a safe environment for her and she is having lots of new experiences. She is getting special treatment. I carried her for part of her hike.”

Now how is that for a peace of mind? Like her already? Then you’ll love her 100 times more when you meet her in person.-Seung Eun C.

Siobhan is great!

I take, Radley, my standard poodle to Runyon Canyon almost every morning. So when I have to go out of town for work, I need someone I can trust to take her for me. Siobhan was recommended by another dog walker at Runyon, as she picks up in my neighborhood. I couldn’t be happier. Such a relief to have someone you can trust with your best friend.

We go a little bit later in the morning than we used to so we now run into Siobhan and her pack a few days a week. It is the cutest thing in the world to see how excited Radley gets when she sees Siobhan, which gives me even greater comfort.

If you are within the neighborhood zone For Ball and Bone, you simply could not do better.- Scott

Ball and Bone is an outstanding service provided by professional, expert dog handlers who really care about my pet’s needs. First of all, my lovable 3.5 year old husky is adorable but a real handful. Not only is he high energy but I had trouble leaving him with other handlers because his aggressive form of high energy play is often “misunderstood” by other dogs. I thought I was destined to have an antisocial lonely pup 🙁 Enter Siobhan, Vegas (the alpha of the pack), and the rest of my pup’s new friends. He is now part of a balanced, well-adjusted pack and jumps out of bed every morning his new buds are coming. I cannot recommend this service enough. Always on time, always friendly, and always knowledgeable.- Alex A